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Arian J. Evans

is a Product Builder, Signal-Finder, and Security Defender.

AKA: AI/ML data-analysis nerd with a passion for stopping bad actors.

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Builder of products, GTM Programs (go to market), startups and technical execution teams. My passion is enabling consumers to get things done simply, safely, and securely.


Serial entrepreneur and launcher of new category-creating products across new worldwide markets. If the solution doesn't exist - I create it.

30+ years leading product building, software engineering, R&D, and data science, along with full GTM functions (Marketing/Branding, Sales Eng, Customer Success), as a hands-on technical leader. 


25 years as a professional Defender, across multiple security domains. Cybersecurity depth includes detecting, hunting, and stopping bad actors, DFIR, and Identity (AuthC/Z/N) and risk mitigation.


I know bad actors, and how to disambiguate authentic customers and legitimate users from threats.

We walked a bumpy path for a few years, leaving us filled with gratitude and thankfulness for the help we received along the way. My wife organizes charity outreaches in the Philippines, to help young folks in the provinces who really need it. If you are interested in helping - get in touch.

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