I am


J. Evans

Builder, Breaker, Defender, and Signal-Finder

Who am I?

About Arian Evans

I am a Builder, Breaker, Defender, and Signal-finder. Combining 25 yrs of #Cybersecurity and statistics/data science with a passion for building products,


As a Builder: I love to enable people to do what they need to do: simply, safely, and securely.


As a Breaker and Signal Finder: I love developing new techniques and using mathematical analysis for hunting down adversaries, and vulnerabilities.

As a Defender and Bad-Actor Dream-Crusher: My career has given me the humbling opportunity to fight world-class digital adversaries around the globe, successfully, for over two decades.

As Husband and Father: Family comes first. We value fortitude overall. Our family has walked challenging paths, which I write about to help inspire others who find themselves in similar situations. We laugh, love, stare adversity in the eye, and never flinch. We embrace fostering a growth mindset with humble endurance, focusing on life's lessons in each stage of our journey. Integrity and Trust are paramount in our relationships, and our friends with a high degree of both know we always have their back.

As an Author: I write about life lessons, resilience, and measuring things. My current focus is giving back to the Information Security community by creating educational materials to enable the next generation of #Cybersecurity professionals.

You can learn more about me at www.arianevanswrites.com

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